Develop with Snap

Expand Your Developer Toolkit

Powerful development tools and flexible Snap solutions help bring your imagination to life, across platforms. Snap Kit, Snap Games, Snap Minis, and Snap AR help you build bold, creative, and immersive experiences everywhere.

Snap Kit

Snap Kit brings the best of Snapchat into your iOS and Android apps and websites. Integrate Snap Camera using Camera Kit to bring amazing AR experiences into your app. Or, use Login Kit to provide your customers with a fast and safe login to drive more conversions and grow audiences securely.

Snap AR

Snap has one of the most robust AR ecosystems in the world. Our camera and creators are revolutionizing the way we create, explore, and play. Join the community of developers, agencies, and brands shaping the future of Lenses.

Snap Minis

Build bite-sized experiences into Snapchat — leveraging all the fun, social, and creative things that Snapchatters love. Minis are easy to build in HTML5. Therefore, it’s the fastest way to bring your products and services to Snapchat’s global audience on Android or iOS.

Snap Games

Bring your multiplayer game to Snapchat, where billions of conversations between friends are happening every day. Just like Snap Minis, they’re built with HTML5 — enabling our partners to quickly bring their game to Snapchat’s global audience on Android or iOS.