The Snap Minis Beta is Expanding

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There’s never been a better time to think big by building a Mini. Minis are Snap’s bite-size experiences that offer a wide range of utilities to Snapchatters. Minis have always been a natural way to connect with friends and foster community on Snapchat — and the network of developers who build them is growing! Our platform is currently welcoming more developers than ever to apply for the Snap Minis Beta program and, if selected, join in on the fun of creating Minis for the global Snapchat community. 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the Minis platform and what’s offered to developers through the beta program, now’s the time to dive in!
Meet the Minis

A Mini is a lightweight yet powerful experience, written in HTML5, that is integrated directly into Snapchat’s Chat screen. Minis make it easy for friends to make plans, play games, and interact with each other — think organizing the next movie night, participating in a workout, or even purchasing tickets to a summer concert. All of these actions can be used on your own, or shared with other Snapchatters, right within Snapchat. 

Why Minis Are So Impactful for Developers

Snap Minis are one of the most useful tools for developers to introduce their business on Snapchat. Though they may be miniature, their impact is mighty.

Over 330 million people use Snapchat every day as a way to express themselves and build relationships with others. Developers can reach this global audience by creating Minis that are easily shared among the Snapchat community. Since Minis are integrated within Chat and are discoverable via search, they can be used as a natural extension to Snapchatters’ daily conversations, enabling developers to organically reach more people. 

The best part? Anyone comfortable with HTML5 can develop a Mini for Snapchat. And, since they’re built using this standard web technology, Minis work for all Snapchatters, on all devices, without any kind of installation.
There's a Mini for That

There are so many different kinds of Minis that make an impact while bringing value to the Snapchat community. For example, Gaming Minis encourage friendly competition among Snapchatters while other forms of Minis, like holiday greeting cards, TV show watch parties, or event planners, make everyday communication more fun and effortless.
Interactive Play

Gaming Minis have achieved global success and reached millions of unique players. There’s Mojiworks, which has crossed 100 million unique players across their games, with $4 million in gross bookings and revenue doubling year over year. The Mojiworks team is now working on releasing their third title after their success with “Trivia Party” and “Ready Chef Go!”
And So Many More Minis

Other forms of Minis are just as popular. Snapchatters have streamed millions of minutes of content between friends with HBO Max’s “Watch Party” Mini and have swiped through more than 5M events in the Ticketmaster Mini. Minis can even be used for special occasions, too. In 2021, Snapchatters sent and received over 2 million personalized cards through Givingli for Valentine’s Day. The following year, Givingli’s “Send Gifts” Mini inspired Snapchatters to purchase thousands of gift cards for loved ones.
One of the best things about Minis is that they’re inherently social while still upholding Snapchat’s values around individual data privacy. Using an innovative templating system, our new Minis Private Components System enables developers to code in social features like reviews, ratings, conversations, and more, making for rich social experiences while simultaneously keeping Snapchatters’ data secure. 
Apply to Join the Program

The Minis developer community is getting a whole lot bigger! Learn even more about developing Minis before applying to be a part of the Snap Minis Beta program. If selected, you’ll have the opportunity to build your first Mini and unlock self-serve access to our Minis SDK and developer portals. 

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of the Minis developer program. We’re looking forward to reviewing your application and seeing what you create!