Make it personal. Engage your community and bring powerful modes of self-expression into your own products with Bitmoji.

Personalized Expression 

Bring the world’s avatar to your own apps and websites so your customers can create their personalized Bitmoji and use Bitmoji stickers to express their personality and mood. 

Bitmoji for Developers offers a complete authentication solution and a personalized avatar system for your community. And, if they’re already on Snapchat, their Bitmoji will automatically appear in your app once integrated. 

Bitmoji for Games

Bring your game to life with Bitmoji. With Bitmoji for Games, your community is brought directly into the action with customized 3D Bitmoji for themselves and their friends. 

Hear From Partners

OPPO x Bitmoji

OPPO partnered with Bitmoji to create the Bitmoji AOD, bringing the hyper-personalized experience of Bitmoji directly to your smartphone’s lock screen.

Bitmoji AOD is a fun and expressive way to represent the digital you at a glance on your phone. As you move through your day, your Bitmoji updates dynamically based on your surroundings, like time of day, weather conditions, and your phone’s power status. All of this happens securely on device and in real-time.