Mobile Games Built For Friends

Snap Games puts multiplayer games on Snapchat, where billions of conversations between friends are happening every day. They’re built with HTML5, so you can build one game and deploy it to all Snapchatters — whether they’re on Android or iOS.

More than 300 million Snapchatters have played Snap Games.

More than one third of Snapchat’s current gaming partners have made over a million dollars in revenue.

Case Studies

Ready, Chef, Go!

Ready, Chef, Go! by Mojiworks was played by 25M unique users in the first 6 months after its launch. Snapchatters who played with friends spent twice as much time playing as their solo counterparts. 
Snap Inc. internal data December 19, 2019 - May 12, 2020

Instantly Playable

Snap Games can be found organically in multiple locations across Snapchat — no additional downloads required!

Inherently Social

Your game automatically benefits from social features unique to Snapchat. Players can talk with friends through in-game messaging, real-time voice chat, and by sharing game highlights out to Snaps, Chat, and Stories.

Reach And Monetize A New Audience

With Snap’s mobile-first ads and in-app purchase system, you can grow your business and earn higher revenue while remaining player-friendly.

Integrate Everyone's Favorite Avatar

Instantly connect your players’ custom 3D Bitmoji avatar to transform your Snap Game into a more personal, social, and engaging experience!

Build Stunning HTML5 Games

Use your favorite HTML5 game engine or build with PlayCanvas — Snap’s HTML5 engine optimized specifically for our platform.

Become A Partner

Are you a developer or publisher interested in bringing your game to the Snap platform?


Share details on your game design and goals with the Snap team for review.


Once approved, bring your concept to life by quickly integrating the Snap SDKs and determine which features are right for your game.


Snap launches games in a phased approach, allowing you to iterate and optimize before rolling out to a global audience.