Powering AR Beyond Snapchat

At Snap, our goal is to bring together digital and physical experiences through the Camera, and build platforms that deliver value for people, and for developers. But, we can’t do it alone. The success of Augmented Reality is dependent on a diverse developer community to push the boundaries of this technology and the things we can do with it. 

We introduced Camera Kit to enable partners to leverage the power of the Snapchat camera to bring augmented reality experiences directly into their mobile applications to foster creativity and enhance the world around us. 

Over the past year, we’ve seen some incredible new AR use cases across a variety of apps through our closed Beta program.

Last month, Disney launched PhotoPass Lenses inside of the My Disney Experience app to bring AR to The Most Magical Place on Earth. Disney guests can reimagine iconic Disney moments and characters through the lens of AR, and celebrate beloved stories and characters from The Lion King, Frozen and more. 

With Camo, you can use a phone as a webcam for higher quality video calls whether you’re using Zoom, Meet, Slack, or other platforms. Camo just introduced Lenses into their app so you can be more creative and expressive no matter what tool you’re using for virtual meetings and hangouts.

In India, over 160 million people use Moj every month to make short form videos and compete in daily challenges. Since introducing Camera Kit, nearly half of the camera content posted on Moj now includes Lenses. The company has worked with local Lens Creators in India to develop over 300 Lenses for their platform.

Beyond communication and expression, DRESSX is the largest fashion store of digital-only collections, founded in the belief that the fashion industry can be made sustainable with digital fashion. They’re using Camera Kit so their community can try-on AR clothing from select designers and create videos wearing virtual clothes.

Microsoft’s Flipgrid is a social video platform that enhances the learning experience between Pre-K to PhD educators, learners and families by providing a video based discussion forum. With Camera Kit, the Flipgrid community has the ability to choose from a wide range of AR Lenses inspired by educational use cases to express themselves and engage with each other in creative ways.

We are so inspired by the creativity and innovation from our early Camera Kit partners. There are so many exciting things for us to build together, and amazing communities to serve. We can't wait to help you create, build, and explore. 

Our annual global Lens Fest is already underway! Tune in through December 9 and get a behind-the-scenes look at how partners globally are expanding their reach beyond Snapchat and learn how to implement the Camera Kit SDK into a mobile app.

To learn more about Camera Kit, please visit ar.snap.com/camera-kit.