Snapchat Robots

URL Preview Service

The URL Preview Service scans websites’ HTML to give Snapchatters a preview of the websites shared by their friends in chat. A preview is a card with a title, subtitle, and thumbnail that links to the website. For example: URL preview card

The URL Preview Service prioritizes Open Graph tags (og:title and og:image), but will use Twitter Card tags (twitter:title and twitter:img:src) to gather information for the preview.

The URL Preview Service makes HTTP requests with the user agent "Snap URL Preview Service; bot; snapchat;", and it will cache responses to URLs for 30 minutes to avoid excess traffic to a single URL.

If there's a problem with how your links are displayed in Snapchat:

  • Try adding our user agent to your website's allow-list

  • Make sure your website responds with the proper metadata tags in the HTML header