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Amplify your product on Snapchat – and beyond – with our development tools. Build immersive AR experiences within the music, entertainment, fashion, sports and art worlds through our platform.

Snap Kit

Build for your own audience and apps using powerful Snap solutions.


Snap Kit
For more than ten years, VSCO remains the gold standard for innovative creative tools used for photo and video editing — with a vibrant community of creators who share to Snapchat. VSCO implemented Login Kit to make it even easier for Snapchatters to create VSCO accounts. VSCO also integrated Creative Kit so their users could quickly share their creative visual communications back to Snapchat.

Snap Minis

Minis are HTML5 based immersive experiences that bring our partners closer to hundreds of millions of Snapchatters.


Snap Minis
Ticketmaster is a company synonymous with live music. Snapchatters have never been more excited to see their favorite bands perform in their favorite venues. The Ticketmaster Mini lets Snapchatters swipe right or left on different artists playing in venues all over the world and connects friends heading to the same show. The Ticketmaster Mini is proof that Snap has the power to fuel culture.

Snap Games

Dream up entertaining ways for people to interact and play more on Snapchat.

Ready Chef Go!

Snap Games
Ready Chef Go! by Mojiworks was played by 25M unique users in the first 6 months after its launch.5 Snapchatters who played with friends spent twice as much time playing as their solo counterparts, making it one of the most successful examples of Snap Games.

Snap AR

Conjure magic in the space between reality and how we perceive it, with Snap Lenses.


Snap AR
SnapML Audio lets creators analyze and generate audio by importing their own ML models, so Lenses can recognize a phrase, transcribe speech to subtitles, or even make their own music through Augmented Reality. Using this, the team at Artiphon built a Lens that turns everyday objects around you into virtual musical instruments. Anything in your room can become your very own symphony or synthesizer.

Camera Kit

Hear from Camera Kit partners on how AR has transformed the experience for their mobile app communities.

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